Enablers & barriers


Conversation Starter Deck

Organising a street experiment is a complex process. The Conversation Starter Deck is just that – designed to start the conversation about organizing a street experiment. The input for this deck is cards, drawn from insights generated during the EXTRA project. The questions on these cards are intended to provide policy-makers and experiment organisers with an overview of the most important aspects to consider while organising a street experiment. At the same time, it offers a unique and interactive form to engage diverse departments and discuss experiment goals and ambitions.

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Analysis of barriers and enablers for street experiments

The urgent need to reduce emissions in light of climate change presents an acute challenge for urban areas clogged with private automobility. In combination with urban growth, a similarly pressing need for improved quality of life, including greener, safer and simply more public spaces is likewise at play in many
urban areas. To address these challenges, a ‘sustainability transition’. This report addresses the question “Which barriers and enablers for upscaling and transitions exist for city street experiments?”, through a two-part literature review.

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